Gerran Bettison-Clark
WBC CIO, Ontological Strategist, Author

Gerran Bettison-Clark is a public servant who utilizes innovation leadership with a mission and purpose of maintaining a sustainable Biosphere through the responsible application of hemp, technology and ontological design. Although having a calm presence and reserved nature, he is also passionate about communication and illustrating stories to articulate messages that move and transform lives. 

Having been intuitively drawn to emerging technology and sustainable ecosystems, he founded Imperial Hemp Company with the goal of ‘creating a (carbon) negative-emissions Earth’ and to be an exemplary 21st century organization that embodies conscious capitalism and B-Corporation business models. 

He also has passions for water / water technology and has been granted the opportunity to bring a next generation Structured Water shower filtration unit to market on track for a 2021 release. In his spare time, Gerran enjoys learning about diverse topics, art / technology experiences, and explaining the existential impact technology will have on society in the 21st Century to his peers. 

Most relevant to this audience today, Gerran has served as the generational translator for WBC. He has given talks, moderated panel discussions and is author of the upcoming book Babyboomers’ Blueprint to the 21st Century to help people bridge the generational divide.

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