WBCs Sponsorship Opportunities

Arizona State University (ASU) is the Presenting Sponsor for The WBCs in 2020-2021. Other sponsorship opportunities are discussed below:

Why Become a Sponsor of The WBCs?

The WBCs is a virtual community and think tank of C-suite executives. It is a diverse, talented group of already-successful executives. Though most of the associates and advisors are living in Arizona, there is representation from throughout the US and other countries. They have common interests: to enhance the quality of their business and personal lives, while growing their own and other businesses, particularly those in technology and commercial development, in Arizona. Their backgrounds and methods may be non-traditional; but they are effective change agents, current and future leaders. The WBCs are aided by an inspirational advisory group of well-known business and community leaders.

Some of the benefits to sponsors of the WBCs in 2020 include:

  • Having their products and services exposed to experienced and successful CEOs in a wide range of industries. While most of the associates will be from Arizona, the membership will include national and international representatives;
  • Having access to a potential high-level “sounding board” for new ideas, processes, events and products;
  • Having an in-person networking opportunity with 125 executives and other sponsors at the WBC annual meeting in the top-quality environment of the SkySong Center
  • Having one’s ads or collateral circulated throughout the year to a high-level audience via the WBC website, and social and traditional media
  • By helping WBC business leaders and their clients meet and exceed their goals, the socio-economic environment of all our communities, clients and customers benefit.

Organizations, such as Arizona State University (“The most innovative university in the US” for the past five years) and the Arizona Commerce Authority; business icons, such as Jerry Colangelo and Jonathan Keyser; and many other influential sponsors and advisors get it and are assisting The WBCs. Will you?

WBCs Sponsorship Opportunities


  • A WBCs webinar or speaker opportunity at the Annual Conference
  • Exhibit space at the annual conference
  • Recognition in WBCs Collateral (i.e., website, advertisements, posters, conference program, etc.)
  • One C-Suite WBCs Membership (see benefits under WBCs Membership)
  • All of the Individual Membership benefits below:


  • Opportunity to provide and promote a 30-minute webinar on a relevant topic for WBCs associates and their clients; webinar will remain accessible to WBC for minimum of one year


  • 15-sec “Commercial” during a WBCs Superhero Podcast OR a WBCs Monthly Webinar; will run for one-year minimum run of the podcast or webinar


The WBCs and ASU host an annual conference, which is used to share the visions, accomplishments and projects of WBC associates, advisors and sponsors with other C-suite executives. On October 23, 2020, it will be at SkySong Center in Scottsdale, Arizona. The theme will be How to Sustain a Business in Chaotic Times.

Contact DeniseM@thewbcs.com to discuss details and commitments.