Who Are the WBCs?

The WBCs is not for everyone. It is a select group of disruptors: honest, passionate, collaborative, and results-oriented people who don’t whine and ask “Why?” but people who say, “Why not?” and “Let’s go.” You are one of the chosen few being invited to join us to change yourself, to change the world. Are you dissatisfied? We are too. We are not waiting for others to rescue us. The WBCs are like-minded change agents that will help you rediscover that goal you had, stop thinking about doing it, and help you accomplish it. Life is short. Don’t miss your shot.

The WBCs Community is for you if...

Denise Meridith

Founder & Owner of Denise Meridith Consultants (DMCI).
Through the years, DMCI has organized many community events, including NASCAR, NBA, NFL, and many other organizations. Denise has published several books and appeared frequently for public speaking engagements. She created The World’s Best Connectors LLC (The WBCs) in 2018, as a way to give C-suite executives opportunities to focus on their own development, as well as discreetly exchange ideas with and motivate their peers.

WBCs Advisory Council

The WBCs Advisory Council will be a small group of executives that will assess the needs of The WBCs, coordinate activities, and recommend methodologies, services, venues, goods and ideas that will facilitate the achievements of the goals of the group and the aspirations of its individual associates.