A Virtual Community & Think Tank of and for CEOs

“Happy 2022, Everyone! It’s going fast, isn’t it? Believe it or not, The World’s Best Connectors (WBCs) will be entering its fourth year of helping executives enhance their connections with family, employees, clients, government, and the media. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, we have accomplished a lot. The next two years will be incredible, with our increased capacities and interests in technology and commercial development, our expansion nationally, and great new partnerships.”–Denise Meridith, CEO World’s Best Connectors.

Today I want to introduce you to our newest partner, is a comprehensive ecosystem that provides transformative learning, development, and coaching. It supports the entirety of the Black professional’s, entrepreneur’s & creator’s journey. The Why: “We trust each other to put in the work, to be the best version of ourselves. To be all that we have dreamt to be.” Please review its inspirational themes and information.

My Role

I am honored that BlackOwned’s fearless President Donna Dean invited me to become an Executive Vice President for the company.

I will lead the company in the areas of overall C-Suite Community Development, Leadership Conferences, Cohort and Transformation Team Program Development.

I will also advise the Executive team on overall company and revenue growth.

Let me know ( if you can imagine how much this partnership can grow your organization or community, and sign up for one of their virtual coffees today here.