Virtually Connecting The World's best Connectors

World's Best Connectors

What Is The WBCs 

The world's Best Connectors (WBCs) Was founded in phoenix, Arizona. The company virtually connects business c-suite executives, such as CEO's, CFO's CIO's and COO's with opportunities and resources to fulfill their own desired life objectives. 


Our Mission

The mission of The World's Best Connectors (WBCs) is to give motivated CEOs the opportunities and resources to enhance their current exceptional leadership skills and to fulfill their own desired life objectives. 

The 5 C’s of The WBCs

Connect with Yourself and Your Family

American Airlines will tell you to put the oxygen mask for yourself before you help others. Likewise, the priority of The WBCs is on self-development. Some of the issues which we will cover this year include transitions (e.g., “Will I Ever Get to Retire?”), balancing life and work (e.g., “Healthy Habits,” “What Happened to Leaning In?”, “Business Travel is a Bitch”), and protecting your personal wealth (e.g., “Keeping What You Make”).

Connect with Clients & Partners

Some CEOs are uncomfortable talking to large groups or having to market themselves instead of their clients, and all companies can benefit from new partnerships. Sample topics can include: “I Hate Networking”-how to improve your own and your employees’ effective use of time, “Branching Outside the US,” and “The Profits are in the Partnerships”-how to create and maintain profitable partnerships.

Connect with Government

Again, you may hold your nose, but actually government and big business are very similar, and they need each other. Sessions that will help you through the swamp (or become part of it if you want to) include “The Government: Ally or Foe?” and “Having Friends in High Places.”

Connect with Employees

Dealing with a modern workforce requires coping with change. Typical issues could include: “Not Another PowerPoint”—how to effectively “sell” your vision, “What am I Going to Do with These Millennials?”—how to recruit, retain and survive new generations or “Do I Need to Learn Spanish?”—making diversity your competitive edge.

Connect with the Media

Can’t live with them and can’t live without them! The media is changing dramatically and also becoming more important to your image. Topics include: “Advertising is for Cereal, Public Relations is for People,” “Taking Advantage of New Technologies,” and “Acing the Interview.”

OUR Team

Our Team

Denise Meridith Connect on Linkedin

Founder & Owner of Denise Meridith Consultants (DMCI). Through the years, (DMCI) has organized many community events, including NASCAR, NBA, NFL, and many other organizations. Denise has published several books, and appeared frequently for public speaking engagements. She created The World's Best Connectors LLC (The WBCs) in 2018, as a way to give C-suite executives opportunities to focus on their own development, as well as discreetly exchange ideas with and motivate their peers.


Wbcs Advisory Council

WBCs Advisory Council

WBCs Advisory Council

The WBCs Advisory Council will be a small group of executives that will assess the needs of the WBCs, coordinate activities, and recommend methodologies, services, venues, goods and ideas that will facilitate the achievements of the goals of the group and the aspirations of its individual members.